About Maarif

50 Years of knowledge

We are responsible for the transfer of knowledge, skills and cultural values within an organized formal structure to make the transformation and to be faithful to a long-standing legacy spanning more than half a century in leading an educational system with roles and standards that ensure the transfer of knowledge, values and culture from one generation to the next in the kingdom.

Maarif was established in 1391 AH / 1970 AD, Then came to launch of International Schools in (1399 AH / 1978 AD) with the accreditation of the Ministry of Eductions

Our Portfolio currently includes 14 educational complexes, geographically spread over all regions of the Kingdom and we provide all educational stages for both genders Thousands of parents benefit from our academic and non-academic services

Our prestigious reputation

We have built our moral credit on a perfect blend between cognitive excellence, ethical dealing and modern pedagogical methods, in addition to promoting values, principles and independent personality in our educational group.