Al-Mutairi , The CEO of Maarif Institution for Education and Training

Written by : | Published Date : 06/01/2021 10:44 AM

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 The Board of Directors of Maarif for Education and Training, which owns the schools: (Al Manarat, Al Faisaliah Al Islamiah, Noor Al Islam, Al Rawabi Al Khadra(Green Hills), and GEMS Saudi International in Dhahran) issued a decision to appoint Mr. Majid Bajad Bin Qarnas Al Mutairi - as the CEO of Maarif for Education and Training.
This step comes in line with the transformation the company is going through in order to proceed at a faster pace in achieving the required growth for the company after the company’s ownership shifted to GEMS Saudi Arabia, which is owned by both Social Insurance and GEMS Education.
Al-Mutairi has held many leadership positions, including: Chief Executive Officer of "GEMS Education - Saudi Arabia" from 2017 until his appointment date in Maarif. He also held the position of Executive Vice President of Operations at “Al Fahim Holding Group” in the United Arab Emirates and the Gulf. He also held several positions through his 15 years of work at Saudi Aramco and SABIC.
Al-Mutairi holds a Bachelor's degree in Computer Engineering Science from "The University of Arkansas at Little Rock" in the United States of America.
Al-Mutairi looks forward, through the leadership of Maarif Education Group, to increase and develop the company's work by expanding its projects, providing an educational experience that is in line with international standards, raising the company's operational efficiency, and developing its academic performance. Al-Mutairi stated, "Maarif Education Company is looking forward to continuing to lead the private educational sector in the Kingdom as the company has a leading reputation in this sector by adopting an ambitious action plan that will enable it to actively participate in achieving the Kingdom's vision of 2030 in the educational sector."