Dr. Mohammad Al-Arfaj, The CEO of MAARIF for Education and Training talking on Rotana Radio about our success story in E-learning

Written by : | Published Date : 29/09/2020 02:57 PM

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In a live radio interview on Rotana Radio "Weyyak program”, Dr. Mohammad Al-Arfaj, The CEO of Maarif for Education and Training talking about MAARIF’s success story in E-learning, and the Fee-waiver initiative which was presented in appreciation to the students and parents.
First of all, Dr. Al-Arfaj appreciated the E-learning system that was launched by the Ministry of Education, and said “This reflects a strong nation that was able to build an advanced digital infrastructure”.
He said that Maarif for education’s schools had a great precedent in the field of E-learning, as it adopted a cooperation protocol with Microsoft to build a digital system that would serve nearly 30,000 students.
He emphasized that Maarif in 2012 decided to build a Maarif Learning Gateway (MLG) platform that serves all our students, their parents, teachers and leaders in the field.
Dr. Al-Arfaj declared that the Maarif Learning Gateway platform provides a comprehensive system of E-learning for every student, as it provides interactive educational lessons and various level tests, as well as a regular assignment system supervised by an educational team of teachers and leaders.
Dr. Al-Arfaj added that the Maarif Learning Gateway platform for digital learning is supervised by a technical staff with a high level of interaction & responding to provide support at the highest level.
He explained that the parent's satisfaction survey exceeded 93% compared to the last year, which gives us a sense of comfort and success to continue enhancing our educational services.
Dr. Al-Arfaj concluded with the Fee-Waiver Initiative which reached 100% provided by Maarif for education to its students & parents during the E-learning period in support of their efforts  in light of the Corona pandemic.