In an optimistic environment with implementation of all precautionary measures, the attendance of primary and kindergarten students exceeded 95%

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The first week of physical attendance for students in the primary and kindergarten witnessed an excellent attendance rate in all Maarif Education schools and kindergartens represented by Al-Manarat Schools, Al-Faisaliah Islamic Schools, Noor Al-Islam, GEMS Saudi International in and Ajyal International in Dhahran, with a commitment to implement all health precautionary measures.

The children's faces were full of optimism for the future, joy in meeting their classmates and teachers, and a passion for learning about the school atmosphere.

Success Partners ... Parents have played a major role in the return to our schools, through their keenness to engage their children and attend school with them on a daily basis to raise their self-confidence and support their adherence to the precautionary measures for the safety of themselves, their friends and the community.

Teachers, administrators and support staff in our primary schools and kindergartens provided full support to their students, contributing to welcoming them and motivating them to return to school and to normal life.

Maarif Education stressed the importance of educating students and parents on the need to adhere to the application of precautionary measures, stressing that these measures will lead us to complete societal immunity.

In addition, to continue implementing Educational Loss Remedial Programs for all stages.

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