Our Schools

Maarif private schools were established in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in 1391 AH – 1971 AD and in 1399 AH – 1979 AD, the international schools were established with the recognition of the Saudi Ministry of Education. Maarif has more than forty years of experience in school management and it has more than 13 national and international schools all over the kingdom

Maarif is distinguished for its clear goals, which aim at having a pioneering training and educational role.  Maarif has succeeded in doing this role and achieving its mission by its strong belief in child rearing and inculcating the right values in children personalities.

Maarif for Education and Training implements a constant scientific system that reinforces the right values in the student mind, which helps create prominent models in the future. Maarif is greatly interested in developing the creativity skills and innovative thinking of children that help them to produce knowledge, train them on confronting difficulties and challenging any problems, they may face in the future.

Maarif aims at establishing an integrated educational system that cares for children starting from the early stages of childhood until qualifying them to universities or work.