When will the academic year start and end?

We open our doors to receive our students according to the Saudi Ministry of Education academic year calendar.
Kindly, have a look at the 1440/1441H. academic year calendar.

What distinguishes our schools 

At Manarat Riyadh International Schools we pride ourselves on the strengths of our education system. We ensure all our students have access to quality learning opportunities provided by nationally and internationally experienced teachers. We apply best practices in teaching that include project-based learning and by ensuring that students have ample opportunities to experiment and apply their learning in ways that promote their innovative and creative abilities.  

The curricula provided to our students

Manarat Riyadh International Schools provide standards-based American and British curricula. Our students have the option to choose between the American or the British stream in the beginning of grade 9.
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Foreign languages that our students study

English is the main language of instruction. Students also study Arabic as required by Saudi Ministry of Education. French is also taught from grade 3 through grade 8 as  part of the curriculum.

Can students be enrolled any time throughout the year?

Yes, our doors are always open subject to the availablilty of seats.

Are there Boys Schools and Girls Schools?

Yes, there are Boys and Girls Sections in our schools from KG to secondary stage.

Teachers’ Nationalities

Manarat Riyadh International Schools pay special attention to recruiting teachers. Our teachers are recruited from all over the world based on their qualifications, experience, and expertise. 

Do we accept students from all countries?

Yes, students from all over the world are accepted after passing the admission test.

Is there a registration fee?

No fees are required for registration.

School fees

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Do new students take an admission test?

Yes, admission tests are available for our students through the school admission and registration office or through our website.
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How to apply?

We provide full support for those who wish to enroll in our schools, and we are delighted to receive your queries via our website and social media accounts. An email will be sent to you to provide admission details and for upload supporting documents. Our registrars will contact you to schedule the admission  appointment.
For more queries, please call us.

How can I get support on enrollment and registration?

Our enrollment team are delighted to receive you to help, support, guide and answer your questions during the enrollment process.
Kindly, call to schedule an appointment.

How to make a tour inside the schools?

Parent relations officers facilitate school tours throughout the week days. Tours start at 9:00 am till 1:00 pm. A virtual tour is also available through the schools’ website.
You can book a tour by filling in data in this form.

How do we promote a healthy lifestyle?

Manarat Riyadh International Schools care for students’ health through the support of a medical team and qualified physical education staff. Students have opportunities to develop a healthy lifestyle through  P.E lessons, Health Education, and nutrition services. The team also provides best practices for promoting healthy eating and physical activity in schools.

Is transportation from and to schools available?

Yes, our schools provide buses that commute across all neighborhoods.

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Are there programs that support learning?

Manarat Riyadh International Schools provide programs that support and enhance learning for students in the classrooms and at home by designing educational resources and programs that students can access anytime via Maarif Learning Gateway (MLG).