Maarif Education and American University of Sharjah supporting gifted future generations

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Maarif Education signed a cooperation and partnership agreement with American University of Sharjah as part of its strategic priority to attract regional partnerships that bring added value to its students and human resources within its educational institutions. 
Accordingly, the CEO of Maarif Education stated that “this partnership aims to promote sustainable partnerships with Maarif Education schools to offer its teachers and students a wide range of events, activities, and programs, including workshops for teachers and training students for participation in both academic and sports competitions. The university will also oversee some of the schools’ research and programs, and will grant students partial scholarships after being nominated by their schools. It will also sponsor a range of selected research, cultural, social and sports events that are organized by the school, as well as organize workshops for educational and ancillary staff. We are proud to mention that a number of Maarif Education graduates who are now in American University of Sharjah have been instrumental in this partnership.”
He emphasized that “American University of Sharjah is a beacon of learning in the region. Saudi Arabia is undergoing a tremendous transition and we are working hard to contribute to the realization of its Vision 2030. Education was a key area in the Kingdom’s transformation process, and we are looking forward to this partnership providing our students with the skills and knowledge needed to contribute to strengthening the national agenda of Saudi Arabia.”
Regarding the importance of the agreement, the Chancellor of AUS said, “We believe in the responsibility of our two institutions to transfer knowledge and skills, and bring about societal change. As we celebrate 25 years of educational excellence at American University of Sharjah, we are pleased to see the partnership program expand throughout the region. The university has always been committed to supporting gifted future generations to realize their potential and we look to working with Maarif Education to achieve this goal.”
The agreement was signed by the CEO of Maarif Education and the Chancellor of AUS.
The meeting was attended by the Chief Education Officer of Maarif and a number of senior officials from both parties.

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